Revise Prototype

Sixth project milestone: Revise Prototype

Milestone #6: Revise Prototype

Goal:  Complete your implementation of your medium fidelity prototype.


Class demo:

  • Share your revised prototype in class and we will provide verbal feedback and suggestions for improvement in the working class. Please be ready to demonstrate your prototype. Provide a brief reminder of what problem you are aiming to address, but focus on the main functions/features and how these have been enhanced since the last presentation.


  • Document your final interface prototype implementation, using screenshots/screen capture, photos, or the equivalent for your project. Include explanatory/descriptive captions for figures, or narration for video, as appropriate. Where appropriate, justify design elements with respect to what you have learned about human abilities and limitations.
  • There is no specific word limit for this part since images can take up more space than text. However, please avoid excessive length and concentrate on conveying key aspects. If in doubt, consult course staff. You may optionally include additional appendices for content that does not fit into the main sections of the report.
  • For your report, include an appendix that identifies each team member’s contributions to the project.