Buddhism and State in the Medieval World


“Buddhism and State in the Medieval World” Symposium  






DAY ONE                      OCTOBER 10, 2013                        


8:30am—8:40am       Welcome Remarks 歡迎辭   主持人  Sun Yinggang孫英剛(Fudan)

                                             Yang Zhigang  楊志剛(FUDAN)   

                                             Chen Jinhua   陳金華(UBC)

8:40am—9:10am    Keynote Speech 主題演講   主持人:Chen Jinhua 陳金華

                                Ge Zhaoguang   葛兆光(FUDAN):


9:10am—9:20am                拍照留念


Panel 1  第一場:衝突與融合Interactions between Buddhism and Other Ideologies

9:20am—12:10am(包括綜合討論60分鐘, including 60 minutes for general discussions)   Chair主持人: Chen 陳金華(UBC)

1.1. 李建欣(National Academy of Social Science):佛教傳說中的轉輪聖王阿育王對隋文帝的影響

Discussant 評議:ter Haar田海(Oxford)

1.2. Martin Lehnert(慕尼黑):Heaven’s Mandate and ritual agency: A Weberian inquiry into Tang-period esoteric Buddhism.

Discussant 評議:Yu Xin 余欣(Fudan 復旦大學)

1.3. 劉宇光Lau Lawrence(復旦):現代泰國僧伽教育改革兩例研究:以政-教關係和教育社會學為線索

Discussant 評議:Dewei ZHANG張德偉(Mcmaster)

1.4.Shi Shengkai 釋聖凱(Tsinghua Univ):《維摩詰經》拜俗與隋唐“沙門致敬王者”的論爭

 Discussant 評議:李建欣(中國社科院) 


 Discussant 評議:吳疆 Wu Jiang (Arizona)

Refreshment茶歇:10 minutes

Questions\Response\ Discussions綜合討論: 1110am1210am

Panel 2  第二場:高僧與政治 Eminent Monks and Politics

1:30pm—3:10pm(包括綜合討論40分鐘, including 40 minutes for general discussions)

Chair 主持人:田海ter Haar(Oxford)

2.1. Chen 陳金華(UBC):Faya法雅 (?-629), A “Villain-monk” Brought Down by A Villein-general: A Forgotten Page in the History of Sui-Tang Monastic Warfare and State-Samgh Relations

Discussant 評議:Martin Lehnert(慕尼黑)

2.2. James Robson羅柏松(Harvard): The State Within the State and the Sangha:  On the Regional Buddhism of the Chu Kingdom (907-951) During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms

 Discussant 評議:Natasha HELLER (UCLA)

2.3. Jongmyung Kim(Academy of Korean Studies,韓國):Eminent Monks and the State in the Tenth-Century in Korea

Discussant 評議:劉宇光Lau Lawrence (Fudan Univ)

Refreshment茶歇:10 minutes 

Panel 3  第三場:圖像與文本 Images and Texts

3:20pm—5:00pm (包括綜合討論40分鐘, including 40 minutes for general discussions)  Chair主持人: James羅柏松(Harvard)

3.1.Yu Xin余欣(復旦):Knowledge and Power: Perspectives on the Esoteric Buddhist Manuscript Houyoushou of Ken I (1072-?)

Discussant 評議:Jongmyung Kim (Academy of Korean Studies, Korea) 

3.2. 劉震(Fudan Univ):《贊法界頌》源流考

Discussant 評議:池麗梅(鶴見大學)

3.3. Marcus Bingenheimer(Temple University):The relationship between state and sangha as reflected in the inscriptions on Mount Putuo

Discussant 評議:Shengkai 聖凱(清華)


DAY TWO                OCTOBER 11, 2013                       

Panel 4  第四場:僧團與政權 Samgha and State

8:30am—10:10am(包括綜合討論40分鐘, including 40 minutes for general discussions)  Chair主持人: Yu Xin 余欣(Fudan Univ)

4.1. Barend J. ter Haar(牛津):State and sangha in the Qing period:A new look at old figures

Discussant 評議:羅柏松(Harvard)

4.2 Natasha Heller(UCLA): The Rhetoric of Reclusion: One Aspect of State-Monastic Relations in the Yuan Dynasty\

Discussant 評議:Shen Weirong(人民大學) 

4.3. Wu Jiang吳疆(亞利桑那大學):大君外交下的中國禪僧: 隱元,德川幕府,以及1661年萬福寺的成立

Discussant 評議:Chen JInhua 陳金華(UBC)

Refreshment茶歇:10 minutes


Panel 5  第五場:赞助与控制 Political Patronage and Control

10:20am—12:00am(包括綜合討論40分鐘, including 40 minutes for general discussions)

Chair 主持人:Martin Lehnert(慕尼黑) 

5.1. 池麗梅(鶴見大學):達官李儼與名僧道世--《法苑珠林》成書考

Discussant 評議:孫英剛(復旦)

5.2. Zhang Dewei張德偉(McMaster University):Making the Buddhist Canon under the Sponsorship of the State in Imperial China

Discussant 評議:白若思(Fudan Univ)

5.3. 白若思(Fudan Univ):《俗文學、宗教與政權的交錯:明代的寶卷傳入皇宮》

Popular literature, religion, and ruling class: baojuan at the court (14th-16th centuries)

Discussant 評議:Marcus Bingenheimer(Temple)


Round Table Discussion

 1:20pm—3:00pm  Chair主持人: Shen Weirong沈衛榮


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