August – Gearing up for Faculty Support

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In August, like others in the academic world, we gear up for the whirlwind that constitutes our life during September through May.

Much behind-the-scenes work has been happening all summer to revise student library orientations, update online research guides, and prepare new in-class instruction modules.

We’re also thinking of new ways in which we can support our faculty at Sauder. We currently offer services such as course reserves, online subject guides, library orientations, and acquisition of needed resources for our faculty members. But there are some new services we’d like you to know about.

1) Online assignment guides and in-class instruction on the best resources for an assignment. We’ll work with you on your course assignments to identify valuable resources, potentially saving you time and improving the quality of student output.

2) Electronic reading lists, with links to online articles and books embedded by library staff. We can also train you on how to create persistent links to articles in our databases. (Unfortunately we cannot embed links to articles in the Harvard Business Review, due to an intellectual property discussion between Harvard Business Publishing and libraries.)

3) Embedding library resources within your WebCT/Vista course.

4) Providing training sessions on RefWorks to faculty and PhD students. RefWorks is the citation management software subscribed to by the UBC Library, and we have a RefWorks expert – Lindsay Ure – in the David Lam Library. We also provide resources and assistance in educating students about citing articles correctly.

5) Providing quizzes for your courses to improve students’ researching skills.

6) A new FAQ database from the Wharton School, which will point users to the best resources for complex business questions. As a partner with Wharton’s Lippincott Library, the Lam Library will be taking ownership of its own version of the Wharton FAQ and adding our own content. It’s a reference librarian at your fingertips 24/7, and will be coming this winter.

7) Finally, we’re building a database of names and biographies of Sauder School alumni who wish to come to Sauder and interact with students in the classroom. These are seasoned, senior-level alumni who’d like to convey their experience and wisdom to our students. We’ll provide you with their biographies and contact information, should you wish to host them as guest speakers in your classes.

We look forward to working with and supporting you this year!


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