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Looking beyond profit : small shareholders and the values imperative.  Author Peggy Chiu argues that financial risk and return are not the only factors affecting the investment behaviour of small shareholders.  She lays a theoretical and empirical framework which asserts that personal values strongly influence the decisions about the types of investments these shareholders make and in which companies they choose to invest.

Managing corporate social responsibility in action:  talking, doing and measuring.  The authors of this collection of essays focus on different aspects of managing corporate social responsibility  in order to explore differences between discourse and practice.  They explore three major areas–talking about CSR, performing CSR and measuring CSR–and conclude by suggesting strategies to overcome difficulties which might arise from the reality of CSR implementation.

The living code:  embedding ethics into the corporate DNA.  This short book presents a model to create, develop and implement codes of conduct in companies.    The practical tips and examples are illustrated with results from a study of the Fortune Global 200 and the author’s own experience working with KPMG.


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