November – E-Books: we’re getting closer and closer

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We have been spending more of our book budgets on e-books lately. Rising campus enrolments make space in short supply, and prompt libraries such as David Lam to send their older, less-used collections to the Automated Storage Retrieval Unit in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, in order to free up space for learning activities. In the ASRS, the books and journals are safe and available for quick retrieval at click of a mouse.

UBC users – many of whom commute long distances or rarely come to campus – need research materials online and available remotely when needed. The e-book seems a good solution. A recent online poll of students in the David Lam Library revealed a 2:1 bias in favour of e-books. E-books can be searched by keyword, browsed, highlighted, and read on netbooks and other devices.

Over the past few years the UBC Library has been investing heavily in e-books, which now number about 320,000 titles in our catalogue. These include all e-books published by Springer, over 2000 e-books from Cambridge University Press, 4500 titles from eBrary, and 120,000 titles from Taylor & Francis.

A Sauder faculty member in the Operations & Logistics Division was pleased to hear about Simulation-based case studies in logistics education and applied research, a new book of Oplog case studies in manufacturing, supply chains, pharmaceutical distribution, fresh food supply chains, and several other industries. With an e-book such as this, cases could be assigned with no course pack requirement and no textbook purchase needed.

E-textbooks are the next frontier but there are hurdles to be surmounted before this is a truly viable route.

To browse some of our e-book collections, please see:
Cambridge UP E-Books
Oxford UP E-Books
SpringerLink or search in our Catalogue for specific titles and subjects.


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