March : What are people reading?

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Some recent finds on our Book Returns Shelf provide insight into what business topics are of current interest to our users: 

Creativity, innovation and the cultural economy  is an edited volume which works through a range of international industry specific case studies to explore the interrelationships between creativity and innovation in the cultural industries. 

David Starkie’s Aviation markets: studies in competition and regulatory reform examines the role of the market and its interplay with the development of economic policy in the context of the airline industry. 

Yali Friedman is the editor of Best practices in biotechnology business development, which assembles a tookit of best practices to use as a framework upon which to understand critical issues in biotechnology business development.

Careers in renewable energy is a how-to-book on the market for finding a job in the renewable energy market.  It includes industry organizations, relevant websites, industry publications, alternative energy schools, online job resources, professional associations and glossary of commonly used terms.

Paul Springer’s Ads to icons: how advertising succeeds in a multimedia age examines and analyses 50 unique advertising campaigns from around the world which have transformed ads into cultural icons.


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