April: Newest marketing books in the David Lam Library

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Advertising and Chinese society : impacts and issues includes papers on “rising consumerism, consumers’ attitudes towards advertising and reactions to advertising appeals, cultural messages conveyed in advertisements, gender representations, sex appeal, offensive advertising, advertising law and regulation, advertising to children and adolescents, symbolic meanings of advertisements, public service advertising, and new media advertising and its social impact.” (from Copenhagen Business School Press)

Edited by Tony Kent and Reva Brown, Flagship marketing: concepts and places “marks the first comprehensive study of the concept of the flagship, bringing together a range of scholarly insights from the field, covering issues such as consumerism, areas of consumption and experimental marketing theory and practice” ( from Routledge)

Testimonial advertising in the American market place is a collection of essays which “contribute to new scholarship at the intersection of cultural and business history by examining how testimonials mediate negotiations between producers and consumers and shape modern cultural attitudes about social identity, advice, community, celebrity, and the consumption of brand-name goods and services.” ( from Palgrave MacMillan)

Memorable customer experiences : a research anthology investigates several different areas of experiential marketing, including the practices that can turn companies into experience providers, as well as the subsequent management and evaluation of the success of these strategies.

Greg Jarboe’s YouTube and video marketing : an hour a day provides guidelines to create, implement and measure video marketing strategies. It includes tips for choosing keywords and optimizing your video for search.

Twitter marketing for dummies is another installment in the popular for dummies series. This book explains how to implement a twitter strategy which enables customers to participate in and share the message of a company.


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