New additions to the David Lam Library FAQs database

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The David Lam Library’s Business FAQs database was launched in December 2010, with FAQs relating to business databases, the David Lam Library and the Canaccord Learning Commons.

We have just added two new categories of to the FAQs:

  1. Labour: FAQs relating to the labour market and industrial relations research
  2. Management: FAQs relating to researching executive compensation, executive recruitment, leadership, and other management topics

 Click here to browse or search the FAQs database.

In addition a new OBHR research guide lists books, articles and other resources for researching a variety of OBHR topics, including organizational behaviour, human resource management, industrial relations, the labour market and leadership.

Clean Capitalism Report 2010

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The Clean Capitalism Report 2010 is now available for UBC researchers interested in Canadian corporate social responsibility to explore in both online and print form.

This important 150 page report on environmental, social and governance practices of Canada’s largest companies is based on the results of a quantitative research project conducted by Corporate Knights and the Delphi Group for the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Corporate Responsibility Ranking

Each company on the S&P/TSX 60 is analyzed against four environmental, three governance and five social indicators.  The resulting company analysis provides a brief outline of the company’s business, its major sustainability priorities, and shows how it has performed across these twelve indicators.  The report also includes a sector by sector analysis, identifying trends, major issues and impacts, best practices, and areas for improvement.

Please click here for more information on the report and click here to access the report immediately.  To read the online version, please click on the orange Online Access button on the right.  

David Lam Library staff moving back

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The staff of the David Lam Library are moving back to their offices in the new Canaccord Learning Commons on Monday January 31. During the week of January 31, we will be moving in, setting up equipment, and retrieving our book and journal collection from Koerner Library. Staff and student assistants will finalize and train on activities at the new Service Desk, which will be jointly operated with Sauder Learning & Technology Services.

We anticipate that we’ll open the new Canaccord Learning Commons to our users on February 7 or 8. This date depends on some additional sprinkler work which has delayed completion of the space. Soon after our opening, we’ll be inviting students, staff and faculty to attend a small open house in the Learning Commons to celebrate this spectacular and functional new space.

Trial access to Capital IQ

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UBC students, faculty and staff have trial access to Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ database from January 11 until February 11, 2011.

Capital IQ provides detailed coverage of public and private companies,  private investment firms, and executives. It also provides data on capital transactions.  Capital IQ’s software functionality includes sophisticated retrieval and personalization tools which enable users to screen the database and to create reports.

To obtain a trial account, please visit the Information Page   and click on request an individual account.  In the request email, please provide your affiliation (UBC student, faculty or staff member) and your UBC email address (e.g.;  Once you have your account, please return to the information page to access the Capital IQ database.

Thank you to UBC Library’s Kat McGrath and Capital IQ’s Scott Hossfeld for setting up this trial.

Copyright changes to cost universities

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A copyright fee increase set by Access Canada will add considerable costs to coursepacks created at universities. UBC currently spends about $650,000 on copyright fees. The fee increase is predicted to increase UBC’s copyright expense to almost $2 million.

The previous copyright agreement ended December 31, and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada is appealing the new tariff increase. Any outcome is likely to speed the adoption of digital reading lists and digital reserves where possible, at Canadian universities.

However, many materials are not available electronically, and in some cases, copyright laws and licence agreements prohibit creating e-reserves without additional payment. The issue is complex and in transition.

For now, a hybrid solution to provide students with reading materials may be the best one. A single central reading list can be created for each course, making it easy for students to understand how to access their readings. For items that can be digitally accessed, a link will lead students to the reading; library staff frequently provide this kind of linking. Other items might be kept in print reserve in the library, or provided via a coursepack. Although this solution is not perfect, neither is the world of publishing, and today’s students are capable of understanding this complexity, providing their reading list is kept in a central place such as their course management system website.

Following this route will keep the cost of coursepacks down, and allow students to access many materials at home 24/7, leading to greater student satisfaction and success.

For details about UBC’s approach to the copyright issue, please see the UBC Library’s Copyright webpage.

For further information see
Copyright fees could force universities to embrace digital age
, published in the Vancouver Sun on December 30.

UBC Small Business Accelerator Debuts

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The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre recently launched its Small Business Accelerator Program. The SBA initiative was originally conceived by David Lam Management Research Library librarian Jan Wallace during her term as interim director of the IKBLC. The concept began with a visit from an economic development officer from Nelson, BC, who was seeking assistance in strengthening the business skills of entrepreneurs in the region. Over the past two years, staff at the IKBLC have been developing the portal, and testing it with community members throughout the province.

Based on industry research guides created in the David Lam Library at Sauder School, the SBA features dozens of guides on researching small businesses in BC, as well as interactive tools for would-be entrepreneurs to communicate with each other, and for other subject experts to add information to the portal.

IKBLC Community Services Librarian Aleha McCauley is leading a team who will visit communities across BC to teach secondary market research skills to community members, just as the David Lam librarians teach those skills to business students at Sauder.

Palgrave Connect: business and management e-books collections added

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The New Year brings  access to even more electronic books through  Palgrave Connect E-books : Business & Management Collections.  The purchase of business and management titles from 2010 and 1995-2005 has increased our collection from this respected publisher to almost 350 business titles. Over 150 more new e-books will be added and made available through quarterly releases during 2011.    Additional titles have also been purchased for other disciplines, including political & international studies, and social & cultural studies.  A complete list of all 1239 titles currently available in the collection can be found here.

Once in Palgrave Connect, full-text titles can be identified by Connect’s green Open lock icon.  Palgrave Connect enables users to download ebook content without any physical restrictions and content can be copied, pasted, saved and printed.   Please see the information page for more details.  These books will be added to UBC Library’s catalogue in the future, but at this time, access is available through the information page.

New Business FAQs Database

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The David Lam Library has launched a new Business FAQs database today. Designed to answer commonly asked questions relating to the David Lam Library and to business research, the FAQs can be searched by keyword or browsed by category.

The database is based on the Business FAQs at the Lippincott Library at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. We would like to acknowledge and thank the Lippincott Library for providing us with a copy of the database and assisting with the technical set up of our FAQs.

There are currently 3 categories of questions:

  1. Business Databases: questions relating to accessing business databases available through the library
  2. David Lam Management Research Library: questions relating to facilities and services
  3. Sauder School of Business: questions relating to Sauder publications

New categories will be added in the New Year, including FAQs relating to new services and spaces in the Canaccord Learning Commons, which is due to open in early 2011.

Click here to access the database. We encourage you to explore the FAQs and to let your students know about this resource. 

Your feedback on the FAQs is welcome. Please send any feedback to Lindsay Ure

Trial access to the complete collection of Palgrave ebooks

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Library users have unlimited trial access from now until December 15th to over 4, 500 electronic titles currently published by Palgrave MacMillan. Visit to explore the complete collection.

Palgrave MacMillan publishes textbooks, journals, monographs, professional and reference works  in eight subject areas:

Business & Management
Economics & Finance
Language & Linguistics
Literature & Performing Arts
Political & International Studies
Social & Cultural Studies
Religion & Philosophy

UBC Library currently has a site license for the 2008-2009 Business and Management collections which contains 120 titles.

The trial is only available until December 15, 2010.  Your feedback is important.  Please tell us what you think either by completing  this form or by contacting Christina Sylka.  Thanks to Kat McGrath for setting up the trial.

Canaccord Learning Commons in the News

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” The University of British Columbia business school’s library is clearing out the equivalent of an entire floor’s worth of books to make room for 17 new group discussion rooms, silent study space, conversational areas, larger computer monitor stations supporting collaborative student projects – and, for the first time, enough electrical outlets to support all the students who want to plug in their laptops,” writers reporter Scott Simpson in today’s Vancouver Sun.    With interviews from Jan Wallace and Jeff Kroeker, Simpson details how the Canaccord Learning Commons and the Sauder School of Business will engage  students with a dynamic space and innovative learning opportunities.  You can read the complete article on the Vancouver Sun‘s website:   School wants students to break dumb rules for smart results.

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