How to study like a rock star

Law enforcement studies (LESD) students –as a group — are usually NOT keen to read. Indeed, finding ways for LESD to share the reading duties has been a major focus for me in the classroom. I have been developing “reading sprees” in various forms as a way to parce up the necessary reading into bite-sized pieces.

Our first reading spree in the term is an activity, How to study like a rock star. Here is the PDF instructions for how to work as a team to study an article, Pruegger, V. (2011). Communicating from the Margins: Exploring intercultural communication. In B. Perry (Ed.) Diversity, Crime, and Justice in Canada. London: Oxford University Press. pp. 311 – 329.

Here are the steps for the activity.

  1. Write down all text headliners.
  2. Read text and fill in the gaps with detailed notes
  3. Write three practice multiple choice questions about your team’s section of the text.
  4. Vote. Your team votes on which three questions to use to “test” the other teams. 
  5. Give your team’s “test” (3 questions) to another team. 
  6. Take test. All team’s take improv “tests” — all members vote on answers.
  7. Mark others’ tests. Your team marks other team’s answers on your “test”: Correct or incorrect?

Here is the PDF with instructions for this activity:

How to study like a rock star


Dr. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane is a professional education consultant on gender, anti-oppression and social justice issues and a research associate at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. She is also the developer and director of the Life Outside the Box program that uses visual narratives as a way to SEE conflict and injustice from new perspectives. Jessica facilitates groups and schools needing to have complex — and sometimes emotionally painful — conversations. She offers workshops to at-risk children, youth, and adults on: Truth and Reconciliation, transforming bullying situations, and rehearsing best practices for self-care, inclusivity, and kindness.