“Letter to Future Student” — end of term assignment

At the start of my teaching career I noticed that each term I would have to start at zero with my student and build — brick-by-brick — a respectful and nourishing culture-of-learning. By the time the term ended, the students were so accomplished in their respectful communications and (in most cases) their overall regard¬†for each others’ differences. The the term would end and the reset button pressed. I would have to start all that culture-of-learning rebuilding all over again.

Eventually, I was inspired to have each cohort of students write a letter to the future in-coming student to teach them about what would happen in my course. Invariably, past students described the culture-of-learning: having an open mind; learning to analyze personal biases; deeply respecting all; etc. The “Letter to Future Students functioned ¬†like an inoculation that quickened the time for the new students to understand and then practice a positive culture-of-learning.

Here is a PDF of the instructions I gave to my law enforcement studies students describing the Letter to Future Students assignment.

Letter to Future Students