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Dr. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane is a professional education consultant on gender, anti-oppression and social justice issues and a research associate at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. She is also the developer and director of the Life Outside the Box program that uses visual narratives as a way to SEE conflict and injustice from new perspectives. Jessica facilitates groups and schools needing to have complex — and sometimes emotionally painful — conversations. She offers workshops to at-risk children, youth, and adults on: Truth and Reconciliation, transforming bullying situations, and rehearsing best practices for self-care, inclusivity, and kindness.

My commitment to diversity, anti-racism, and social action

My Statement of Commitment to Diversity and Equity Life-long advocacy. Daily self-examination. Lasting change. I committed myself to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression based social action even before I began my academic career. My Ph.D. specialization was in women’s development,

My Teaching Philosophy: Guiding questions

Evidence-based. Brave. Inclusive. Kind. Fun. After 30 years of teaching in various post-secondary institutions, I have had the advantage of time and vast experience to polish my teaching pedagogy and practices. I have organized my teaching philosophy by listing the

Celebration of Learning

Celebration of Learning: A creative, UDL-friendly alternative to the classic academic final exam. Teams work together to teach guests what they learned in the textbook — and beyond — this term.  Celebration of Learning – Rationale for presentation – WORKSHEET

Sample lesson: Non-experimental designs. Graphic novel about Dr. MacBeth’s famous TV study

Click here to link to my powerpoint lesson on Dr Tannis MacBeth’s famous non-experimental TV study. The image above is used with permission from the graphic artist and science author, Stuart McMillan. The Town Without Television, Part 1 and Part

Visual Pedagogy: Deepening learning by creating comics – hero style!

My Evidence-based, Innovative and Fun Visual Pedagogy Deepening learning by creating comics – hero style! Example #1: Introduction to Psychology “Get cape. Wear cape. Fly.”  – Wellness research projects – 14-days of data collection CapU and KPU Learners (6 sections)

CapU Psyc101 – Letters to Future Learners: Reflections and advice

Introduction to Psychology, Fall2021, Spring2022 Link to PDF here.

KPU Psyc1100 – Letters to Future Learners: Reflections and advice

Kwantlen Polytechnic University Introduction to Psychology Fall2021, Spring2022 Link to PDF here.

JIBC RESM2100 – Letters to Future Learners: Reflections and advice

Justice Institute of British Columbia Introduction to Research Methods Fall2020, Spring2021 Link to PDF here.

Paper Bag Academy – Pop-up learning during COVID lockdown

Serving up “tasty” online lessons to local children during the 2020 COVID lockdown. I designed, developed — and co-taught with my husband, Bill Richardson — this weekly inquiry-based lesson plan to middle school aged children during the Winter/Spring 2020 COVID

Life Outside the Box Learning Institute

 From Grade 1 to graduate school, traditional tutoring to innovative learning support, online and face-to-face, Life Outside the Box can help you love learning. Dr. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, Ph.D. Teaching Excellence Award Winner, JIBC   Strong beginning. Newly expanded. Life

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