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Students’ foodie videos reveal cultural roots

“Spice of Life” video instructions.  To teach peers about students’ and cultural background, they choose one spice (or herb, vegetable, or fruit) and create a 1-minute “foodie” video showing they — or a family member — preparing a dish with their chosen ingredient. But

“Letter to Future Student” — end of term assignment

At the start of my teaching career I noticed that each term I would have to start at zero with my student and build — brick-by-brick — a respectful and nourishing culture-of-learning. By the time the term ended, the students

Learning about diversity can be a struggle

I have learned over the years that some of my most successful teaching moments come after a full term of kind, strong, consistent hard work. Here is an in-depth reflection from a student who struggled in class right up until

Teaching honour and integrity

Inquiry: How can I help law enforcement studies students grow their integrity “muscles” and prepare to work on the honour system that will be required in their future careers? Strategy: LESD/ LAWS1207 Honour-system explained.   In Dr. Ariely’s documentary (on Netflix), he

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Using comics to rehearse best practice.

Inquiry: How do I work around students’ implicit bias and create a learning opportunity for evidence-based discussion of sexism and homophobia? Strategy: I wanted to use students own lived experiences of sexism and/or homophobia. In addition, I wanted the learning process

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