By: Kabir Hothi

Americas gun control (or lack thereof) problem is making an impact in the world of business this week. Several companies have started to cut ties with the National Rifle Association including Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Hertz car rental.  Walmart has said they will raise the gun purchasing age to 21, along with Dicks sporting goods.  Mountain Equipment Co-op, which has opened a new shop in Kelowna recently, has said they will discontinue selling Vista products. While no guns or ammunition is sold at MEC, Vista is responsible for manufacturing firearms in the USA.

It’s a slight change of tone, when usually the talk about gun control is stuck in political circles. However, business and politics are hardly separated.

For their decision to severe ties with the NRA, Delta airlines has been punished by the State of Georgia with a removal of a jet fuel tax break valued at $50 million dollars.  This shows us how deep the issue of gun control runs in America.

While there is no gun control in America, its evident that guns control America. President Trump has been on both sides of the debate this week. On Wednesday he was reported talking about changing the minimum wage to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21. He also talked about creating a bill that would allow law enforcement to take away guns using their own discretion.

This was not supported by most of his fellow party members, or the NRA who have generously supported Trump during his campaign run. Estimated donations from NRA to the Trump campaign are around $30 million.

However, the following day Chris Cox from the NRA tweeted that he had met the President and had come to an agreement about not introducing new gun control measurements.

In America, getting a gun is a simple process. You pass a background check, and you are then eligible to buy a gun on your way home. Far different from the situation in Canada, where a lengthy process is followed.  It is even in their constitution the right to bare arms. It is an issue that will continue to be discussed in political and business circles for time to come. Unfortunate, because as of writing this, a shooting has happened at Central Michigan University, leaving two people dead.