One month ago, soon-to-be UBC Okanagan alumni were spending weekends cultivating resumes and searching job boards to find a job. With the coronavirus pandemic, students are wondering how to secure their post-graduation dream job. Jana Petrone, UBCO Student Experience Office manager, provides advice on how to search for employment amid COVID-19.

Jana Petrone knows a significant number of Canadian companies are still hiring. Most available jobs are in technology, marketing, non-profit, insurance, and social services. Good news: the Student Experience Office worked on a list for UBCO students. Access the list here. Graduates should continue to improve personally and professionally by attending Webinars and events hosted by employers.

Now is a perfect time for students to take up professional development online classes. A significant number of tech companies are offering online courses. For instance, Google has many Artificial Intelligence and machine learning courses. These courses can be accessed via, and they are all free!

Coursera is offering all of its 3,800 online classes for free (certificate included) to students whose universities have shut down due to COVID-19. So, UBCO students have access to so many reputable and intriguing classes. Why not take the most popular course offered by Yale University: “Psychology and the Good Life.” Such high-profile courses could help your resume stand out amongst the competition. Available courses can be browsed and accessed here: from online courses, students should actively update their online presence for employers. Jana Petrone mentioned that because a lot of the hiring process will now be online, it becomes even more important to stand out with potential employers. The Career Service Centre at UBC Okanagan is offering online LinkedIn Workshops, online meetings with career advisors, networking events with alumni, and industry-specific webinars. These online workshops can be accessed via the Career Services webpage.

Fellow upcoming graduates: stay busy and involved over the next few months.