Sharing Ideas, Tips, and Strategies for Preparing EL CVs and Dossiers

Wednesday May 30, 10-11:30, Chilcotin Room 256 at IKBLC, Vancouver Campus.

Over the last couple of months we have drafted a collection of strategies and ideas that various EL faculty have used when creating their CVs and Dossiers, including their dossier Tables of Contents. The purpose of this document is two-fold: to share wisdom and ideas among EL faculty members, and to offer to the Senior Appointments Committee some feedback as they work on revising the SAC guide this summer. This session will begin with small-group discussions to share further strategies for preparing EL CVs and Dossiers (feel free to bring your own examples to get feedback), using the document as a starting point. Then, Simon Bates will offer an overview of the SAC guide context, to frame the next small-group discussion: feedback on the document (clarifications, what’s missing), as well as any other feedback/questions we can pass on to SAC about EL CVs and dossiers.

Please RSVP by emailing Catherine Rawn,, who will then send you the current draft of the document if you would like to review it ahead of time. After receiving feedback during the session, the updated document will be made available to everyone on this list, along with a last call for feedback/questions for SAC.

We’re looking into video recording the session, but note that the discussion format may not translate well to video format.

The audio recording of this session can be accessed through the following Youtube link: