June 2021 Newsletter

Quote: So often you find that the students you’re trying to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you. –Sean Junkins

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Dear Educational Leadership stream faculty,


In This Update:


  1. ELNET Announcements
    • ELNET Call for Leadership 2021/22
    • ELNET Mentorship Program Reminder
  2. PD Resources and Opportunities
    • Inclusive Teaching and Learning Symposium
    • UBC’s Curriculum Map
    • AWB Virtual Volunteer Opportunity
    • CTLT Workshops
  3. SoTL
    • Survey Invitation Reminder: Effective Personalized Feedback


  1. ELNET Announcements 

ELNET Call for Team Members 2020/21

As many of you know, there is a group at UBC-V and UBC-O called the “Educational Leadership Network Engagement Team” (ELNET) which plans events and raises awareness about the work of those in the Educational Leadership stream. You can see our Vision and Mission here: https://blogs.ubc.ca/edleadershipnetwork/about/


In 2021-22, there are several ELNET openings and we are asking for those who are interested to contact us. As in recent years, we are trying to have a mirrored structure between UBC-O and UBC-V with a representative for each position for each campus.



  • Co-chair (from the Vancouver campus): Responsible for leading ELNET activities and initiatives, scheduling and chairing meetings, and communicating with UBC leadership.
  •   Internal and External Professional Development Liaisons: Responsible for coordinating with other organizations inside of UBC (eg. CTL, CTLT, etc.) and outside of UBC (eg. STLHE, ). One opening, preferably for a candidate from UBC-O.
  •   Educational Leadership Events Coordinators: Responsible for event planning, in the past we have had 2 events in a year. One opening, preferably for a candidate from UBC-V.


Time Commitment

ELNET meets monthly during the Winter terms, with one or two other meetings as needed. Additional time commitments depend on the particular role one is fulfilling.



Interested? Questions?

If you are interested in joining ELNET, please send the following to the Chair, Jannik Eikenaar (Jannik.Eikenaar@ubc.ca), by July 2, 2021:

  • statement of interest in the position–why you are interested, any relevant experience you might have (though experience isn’t necessary!)


We aim to have a balance of people on the ELNET in terms of rank and home Faculty. See here for a current list of the ELNET members, their ranks, and their Faculties.


We look forward to hearing from all those interested.


Kind regards,


Jannik Eikenaar, on behalf of the UBC Educational Leadership Network Engagement Team (ELNET)



ELNET Mentorship Program

ELNET facilitates mentorship for educational leadership faculty, including preparing your dossier for promotion and tenure, helping you prioritize and determine focus of EL activities, and simply making connections with other EL faculty at UBC! If you are interested in being mentored, please send an email to sally.willis-stewart@ubc.ca or robert.crawford@ubc.ca and we will find a wonderful mentor to match you with.


For more information about ELNET, please visit our website.



  1. PD Resources and Opportunities


Inclusive Teaching and Learning Symposium

The Vantage College Intercultural Communication (ICC) Committee is hosting a symposium focusing on inclusive teaching and learning to better include, engage, and support English language learners, international students, and first-year students. We are inviting UBC Educators (faculty, staff, and TAs) to attend.


Symposium Date: Tuesday, June 29th 2021

  •       Consists of online round table discussions focusing on inclusive teaching and learning to better include, engage, and support English language learners, international students, and first-year students.
  •       Keynote Panel Discussion by Intercultural Communication Experts
  •       The symposium is supported by UBC Equity Enhancement Fund and Vantage College


For further information and to register, please visit our website: http://symposium.vantagecollege.ubc.ca


UBC’s Curriculum Map

UBC’s Curriculum MAP is a mapping, alignment and planning tool for course and program development. The website’s current features lead instructors through three main components of their courses to identify the alignment among them:

  1.       course learning outcomes,
  2.       assessment methods, and,
  3.       teaching and learning activities.


At the end, instructors may map their course learning outcomes to a set of program learning outcomes, yielding a summary of all course components in a PDF format for further mapping, analysis, and planning (MAP). The user may also choose to create/produce their course syllabus using the website.

This video, a live demo, recorded during Celebrate Learning 2021 shares examples of ways in which this website can help instructors enhance their courses and programs from a pedagogical perspective. The website will continue to expand its features during the Summer and Fall 2021 so viewers are welcome to provide feedback and ideas.

AWB Virtual Volunteer Opportunity: Mentoring in Best Teaching Practices


In partnership with AWB, African Development University is seeking volunteers to act as faculty mentors to enhance the teaching skills of the faculty associates (junior faculty members). African Development University is a nonprofit institution in Niamey, Niger.


The volunteer opportunity will involve working online with the faculty and leadership team to conduct a situational analysis and needs assessment for teaching mentorship. The volunteer activity will continue with the development of a coaching strategy and topic-specific training workshops for the faculty associates.


We are looking for 1 or more volunteer(s).


The volunteer should have a PhD or master’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent academic qualifications and teaching experience and expertise in online instruction. Applicants who are bilingual in English and French are especially encouraged to apply.


Application deadline: June 24, 2021




Need more information?

Contact Corrie Young, Associate Executive Director, Projects & Network at cyoung@awb-usf.org


CTLT Workshops


Teaching and Development Program 

August 2021–April 2022

This 10-month program helps new faculty build a foundation for their teaching careers by providing a network of support, as well as professional development opportunities focused on teaching practices. Register.


Online Course Design Showcase Series: You Can’t Do it All, But You Can Do Quite a Bit: Transforming Team-based Learning OSOT 553 Online

June 22 | 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.

At this month’s Online Course Design Showcase, join facilitators as they walk through evaluating a two-term occupational therapy program course and its term-based learning approach to course design and delivery. Register.


Inclusive Teaching: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

June 22 | August 25

Be introduced to the literature underpinning inclusive teaching, discuss why inclusive practices in the classroom are important and explore a range of inclusive teaching practices and resources. Register.


Developing Your Skills as a Peer Reviewer of Teaching: Introductory Workshop

June 22 | 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

The formative peer review of teaching is a process designed to provide feedback to instructors about their teaching. It is an opportunity for all involved to engage in collegial conversations about teaching and student learning. Register by June 9.


Celebrate Learning Week Event Recordings

UBC’s 12th annual Celebrate Learning Week was a week-long online showcase that took place from May 17-23, 2021. Browse through the video library celebrating teaching and learning opportunities at UBC. Watch now. 


  1. SoTL

Survey Invitation Reminder: Effective Personalized Feedback: Developing Resources, Practices and Capacity to Provide Personalized Feedback to Students at Scale, Across Disciplines


Dear Colleague,


Targeted and well-timed feedback is essential for student development and advancement (Ambrose et al., 2010) but with increasing class sizes and limited instructor time, personalized feedback is difficult to provide.


In this university-wide survey, we ask how instructors design and deliver feedback to students. We explore instructor perceptions on the usefulness of feedback to instruction and their student’s learning. This survey will ask about your feedback methods before the COVID-19 pandemic and during the pandemic.


We are eager to examine instructor perceptions to:

  1. Develop guidelines/best practices for providing personalized feedback at scale;
  2. Build capacity for faculty to provide discipline-specific personalized feedback

We ask for your participation in a short 10-15 minute survey found here or by clicking on the link provided below. Your responses will be held in strict confidence, and only members of the research team will have access to the raw data; all responses will remain anonymous.


At the end of the survey, you will be directed to an alternate page where you can choose to receive a summary of the survey findings and/or participate in follow-up conversations.


The survey can be accessed by clicking on the link below:



Silvia Bartolic, Associate Professor of Teaching, Sociology

Principal Investigator



Project Team:

Simon Bates, Associate Provost, Teaching and Learning, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic, simon.bates@ubc.ca

Firas Moosvi, Teaching and Learning Fellow, Master of Data Science Program, fmoosvi@phas.ubc.ca

Sandra Brown, Instructor, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, sandra.brown@ubc.ca

Jonathan Verrett, Instructor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, jonathan.verrett@ubc.ca

Alireza Bagherzadeh, Instructor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, alireza.bagherzadeh@ubc.ca

Nick Hall, Lecturer, Department of Asian Studies, Nick.Hall@ubc.ca

Brianne Orr-Alvarez, Instructor, Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, brianne.orr@ubc.ca

Elisa Baniassad –  Senior Instructor, Department of Computer Science, ebani@cs.ubc.ca

Luisa Canuto, Instructor, Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, luisa.canuto@ubc.ca