You are invited to submit a presentation for ELNET’s 2nd Annual Marketplace: “Love it or Lose it” ~ Ideas to keep in your teaching practice and ones to let go.  As we have all tried many new methods to enhance teaching during our rapid transition to remote instruction this academic year, this is a great opportunity to reflect on and share lessons learned and materials that might serve us in future teaching. This event will be co-sponsored by UBCV CTLT and UBCO CTL as part of “Celebrate Learning Week”, May 17 at 4:00-5:30 pm. Download the poster for the event: 2021 ELNET poster


The format of the event will start with short 5 min. presentations from our contributors using a slide or two of your “love it lose it” practice, followed by an opportunity for further discussion with participants, in a round table or breakout room format (depending on numbers).


Please complete the short form below if you are keen to present. Presentation submissions will be reviewed by the ELNET committee and presenters will be notified shortly. Additionally, confirmed presenters will be asked to prepare a short summary handout to support their presentation that will be provided to all participants. Even if you don’t care to present we hope that you will attend this practical and fun teaching event during CTL/CTLT’s Celebrate Learning Week [insert Event registration link].


Please submit your responses to the following questions by Friday, May 7, 5 pm, to Nina Hewitt or Anita Chaudhuri






Presentation title:

Summary of your “love it or lose it” practice: (250 words)

(please indicate if this is an evidence-based practice or something you have just tried; highlight if this practice has any applications for specific programs, class size, student sub population or other)