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    UPCOMING EVENT: Promotion and Tenure Workshop 

    ELNET Promotion & Tenure workshop

    January 27, 2022 @12:00-1:30pm

    This event is intended to help educational leadership stream faculty gain insight into the process of career progression, including developing a thorough and concise dossier for promotion purposes. This event is an annual offering.


    Panel Presenters

    Suzie Lavallee (Professor of Teaching, Forestry, UBCV)

    Richard Plunkett (Associate Professor of Teaching, Biology, UBCO)

    Karen Ragoonaden (Professor of Teaching, Education, Univ. of Manitoba)

    Mark Schaller (Professor, Psychology, UBCV)

    Jonathan Verrett (Associate Professor of Teaching, Chemical and Biological Engineering, UBCV)

    Jay Wickenden (Associate Professor of Teaching, Chemistry, UBCV)


    Please RSVP before Friday, January 21, 2022 at 9am to attend. All are welcome!


    Organized by: Zoë Soon; Saori Hoshi and Nina Hewitt, on behalf of the ELNET team!

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    Coming Event: ELNET’s 2nd Annual Marketplace Event: “Love it or Lose it” ~ Ideas to keep in your teaching practice and ones to let go 

    ELNET’s 2nd Annual Marketplace Event:

    “Love it or Lose it” ~ Ideas to keep in your teaching practice and ones to let go

    May 17, 2021, 4:00 – 5:30 pm

    This past year has launched UBC faculty into emergency remote instruction. This presented both challenges and opportunities to test technologies and approaches for online and interactive learning. All faculty members have tried many new methods to enhance teaching during our online academic year, and with this is mind, the Celebrate Learning Week event is a great opportunity to reflect on and share lessons learned. As part of the learning celebration, we have invited a number of instructors to share teaching practices that they “love” and will build on, and those they wish to reshape, or maybe even “lose.” While getting ideas from others, and reflecting on your own teaching practices, this session will prepare us to shape our future as we make plans to develop our teaching and educational leadership in light of our collective experiences.

    The event will begin with an introduction from the ELNET team, followed by short 3-5 min. presentations from contributors of their “love it lose it” practice. Continuing with a “marketplace” approach, participants will then be able to “shop around” for fresh teaching ideas with further discussion amongst presenters in either a round table or a break out room format. The discussion will allow participants to specifically apply the ideas to their teaching scenarios.

    M.C.s Sally Willis-Stewart, Associate Professor of Teaching, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, UBC) and Silvia Bartolic, Associate Professor of Teaching, Sociology, UBCV

    Organizers: Nina Hewitt, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Geography, UBCV and Anita Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of English and Cultural Studies, UBCO

    Registration is via CTLT and CTL’s Celebrate Learning Week

    Download the Poster:2021 ELNET poster


    Are you interesting in submitting a proposal for this event?

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    Coming Event: Career Progression Panel and Q&A 

    Tuesday, February 23rd 2021 12:00-1:30pm

    This event is intended to help educational leadership stream faculty gain insight into the process of career progression, including developing a thorough and concise dossier for promotion purposes.

    Panel Presentations from: Simon Albon (Pharmaceutical Sciences UBCV), Peter Arthur (Education UBCO), Diana Carter (Creative and Critical Studies UBCO), Sunita Chowrira (Botany UBCV), Tamara Freeman (Chemistry UBCO), Joss Ives (Physics and Astronomy UBCV), Jason Lieblang (Central, Eastern, & Northern European Studies UBCV), and Ray Taheri (Engineering UBCO).

    Please RSVP before Friday Feb 19 at 9am to attend


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    In Discussion with Dr. Christina Hendricks and Dr. Peter Newbury 

    July 2020

    The workshop with Dr. Christina Hendricks, CTLT and Dr. Peter Newbury, CTL will focus on Educational Leadership (EL). The discussion will explore how the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) has been impacted by COVID-19 and experienced remarkable shifts, for instance, modified pedagogical approaches, alternate delivery formats and use of technology, to name a few. Wellbeing in online environments is a critical area and useful resources for support will be shared. As the UBC community continues to work hard, it is important to recognize silver linings and the facilitators will engage participants with emerging opportunities that support SoTL, in particular the EL mapping tool. Finally, this will be a model session for effective synchronous learning.

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    ELN Teaching Dossier and CV Event 

    This workshop is intended to help instructor/educational leadership stream faculty gain insight into the process of developing a thorough and concise dossier for promotion purposes.

    Date: Monday, December 2, 2019

    Time: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

    • 11:00-12:00 Panel discussion with Senior Instructors and Professors of Teaching
    • 12:00-1:00 Working lunch: network and workshop CVs and Dossiers

    Location: UBCV & UBCO Campuses (Rooms TBA)

    RSVP: https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8xgfciBbZUuORZH

    We will run parallel events on the two campuses. Each event will include a panel discussion (1 hour) and a workshop (1 hour).

    Possible panel topics include:

    • Pathways to Tenure and Promotion in EL
    • Making distinctions between Educational Leadership and Service
    • Tips for documentation

    Possible workshop topics include:

    • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and Scholarship of Educational Leadership (SoEL)
    • Constructing a narrative in the CV and Dossier

    Okanagan Campus 

    Location: Art 106
    Facilitator: Jannik Eikenaar
    Panelists: Peter Arthur (Professor of Teaching), Laura Patterson (Senior Instructor), Jordan Stouck (Senior Instructor and Associate Dean), Deborah Roberts (former SAC member)

    Vancouver Campus
    Location: Dodson Room, I.K. Barber Learning Centre
    Facilitator: Jason Lieblang
    Panelists: Christina Hendricks (Professor of Teaching & Academic Director of The Centre for Teaching and Learning), Catherine Rawn (Professor of Teaching), Jason Lieblang (Senior Instructor), Jackie Stewart (Senior Instructor)

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    Sharing Ideas, Tips, and Strategies for Preparing EL CVs and Dossiers 

    Wednesday May 30, 10-11:30, Chilcotin Room 256 at IKBLC, Vancouver Campus.

    Over the last couple of months we have drafted a collection of strategies and ideas that various EL faculty have used when creating their CVs and Dossiers, including their dossier Tables of Contents. The purpose of this document is two-fold: to share wisdom and ideas among EL faculty members, and to offer to the Senior Appointments Committee some feedback as they work on revising the SAC guide this summer. This session will begin with small-group discussions to share further strategies for preparing EL CVs and Dossiers (feel free to bring your own examples to get feedback), using the document as a starting point. Then, Simon Bates will offer an overview of the SAC guide context, to frame the next small-group discussion: feedback on the document (clarifications, what’s missing), as well as any other feedback/questions we can pass on to SAC about EL CVs and dossiers.

    Please RSVP by emailing Catherine Rawn, cdrawn@psych.ubc.ca, who will then send you the current draft of the document if you would like to review it ahead of time. After receiving feedback during the session, the updated document will be made available to everyone on this list, along with a last call for feedback/questions for SAC.

    We’re looking into video recording the session, but note that the discussion format may not translate well to video format.

    The audio recording of this session can be accessed through the following Youtube link: https://youtu.be/0p0mxsAIbl8

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    Tags: dossier, portfolio,   

    Preparing your dossier panel & workshop 

    Instructor Network Leadership Team (InLET) Presents:

    Professional Development Event ~ Preparing Your Tenure & Promotion Dossier

    Thursday April 20, 2017, 9.30-11.30am

    UBCV Campus Rm 3074 Orchard Commons

    UBCO Campus Rm SCI 331



    The InLET is very pleased to be offering this workshop to help instructor/educational leadership stream faculty gain insight into the process of developing a thorough and concise dossier for promotion purposes. The speakers will focus on how we navigate the different departmental demands as there is no university standard. The various ‘Table of Contents’ used by the speakers will be addressed as well as the areas that provided the most challenge. The session will end with breakout groups where attendees will have the opportunity to discuss a problematic section of their dossier, while the speakers shadow the discussion.

    Agenda and Speakers:

    •      Welcome and Introduction – 5 mins
    •      Dr. Harry Hubball – 20 mins
    •      Panel of dossier experiences and examples – 45 mins

    ○      Dr. Christina Hendricks

    ○      Dr. Steve Wolfman

    ○      Dr. Jackie Rea

    •      Q and A – 20 minutes
    •      Workshop  – 30 mins – A chance to share an issue you are struggling with in your dossier in a group context. The speakers will shadow the groups and offer some guidance.


    Dr. Harry Hubball

    Professor & National Teaching Fellow, Canada

    Chair, Academic Program Director: International Program for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership

    The University of British Columbia, Vancouver
    Faculty of Education
    Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy

    Dr. Hubball will present on the scholarship of educational leadership, the dossier process and content, and putting it together.  His introduction will be followed by the panel of speakers, indicated below, who will share their dossier experiences and products.  The workshop will finish with a question and answer period and opportunity to discuss ideas and challenges of your dossiers.

    Dr. Christina Hendricks

    Professor of Teaching, Department of Philosophy
    University of British Columbia, Vancouver

    Dr. Steve Wolfman

    Professor of Teaching, Department of Computer Science
    The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

    Dr. Jackie Rea

    Senior Instructor, Arts Studies in Research and Writing (ASRW) and Vantage College
    The University of British Columbia, Vancouver


    Resources from the session

    We were not able to record this session, but we do have some resources to share.


    Jackie Rea showed slides with some suggestions, which you can see in PDF format here: Rea Dossier Presentation (PDF)

    Harry Hubball shared his slides from the session, which are about the Scholarship of Educational Leadership Certificate Program at UBC: Hubball SoEL slides for dossier workshop (PDF)


    Online Portfolios

    Steve Wolfman shared his online portfolio materials, which you can see here along with his speaking notes for the day: http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~wolf/tnp/

    Christina Hendricks shared her online portfolio, which you can see here: http://chendricks.org/portfolioarchive  This is the portfolio as it looked when she submitted it for promotion to Professor of Teaching; this version has not been updated since then. A somewhat more updated portfolio can be found here: http://chendricks.org/portfolio


    Other Resources

    Here is some information on work that Simon Bates (Academic Director, CTLT) has been doing around trying to clarify “Educational Leadership” and how we might give evidence of impact: http://ctlt.ubc.ca/programs/all-our-programs/teaching-and-educational-leadership/

    The following are draft documents about the ongoing process to try to develop a Teaching and Learning Impact Framework. These are not finalized; they will be altered in the future. Please see the above link for final versions when they are ready.




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    Tags: PRT   

    Panel discussion on peer review of teaching 

    December 2016

    This panel discussion aimed to help participants be more informed and proactive throughout their own PRT process by clarifying procedures around PRT, as well as showcasing best practices, support and existing models at UBC. Mark Schaller (SAC) discussed the significance of PRT at the SAC level. Simon Bates discussed CTLT’s Peer Review of Teaching Initiative and the support it offers for formative and summative PRT.  Paul Bartha (Philosophy) and Sunita Chowrira (Botany) presented the PRT practices used in the tenure, promotion and reappointment processes in their respective departments.

    Though attendance was hampered in part by snow, we recorded the event and you can see it on YouTube, here: https://youtu.be/jkPJz1xSI60

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    Workshop: Make your UBC CV work for you 

    Have you wondered how best to highlight your achievements and educational leadership activities in the new UBC Common CV? If the answer is yes, then please join INLeT for our Spring workshop, “Make your UBC CV work for you,” on April 15, from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. in the Lillooet Room, IKBLC.  
    This 2-hour workshop is designed to help educational leadership-stream faculty implement the new version of the UBC CV.  We will begin the workshop with a panel discussion, led by experts on the intent and design of the CV, along with faculty familiar with its use in tenure and promotion decisions. Panelists will include: Melanie Jones (SAC), Jackie Stewart (Chemistry), Sally Hermansen (Geography), and Steve Wolfman (Computer Science). If you have a question you would like the panelists to address, please e-mail your question to Allen Sens at asens@mail.ubc.ca
    The panel discussion will be followed by a small group activity where participants will have an opportunity to interact and develop approaches to their own CV. Please bring one or two items that you’re not sure where to place on your CV, or that you would like feedback on helping to frame so that they fit in a particular part of the CV. 
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    Educational Leadership Event, November 30, 2015 

    Video of Event

    Join us for our first educational leadership event of the 2015-2016 academic year, a panel led discussion, titled “Taking your teaching beyond your classroom: Teaching practice and educational leadership.” This event will take place on Monday, November 30th from 2:30-4:00 pm in the Dodson Room in the IKBLC.

    Come and learn more about how UBC faculty work to make an impact beyond their own classrooms by incorporating technology into their courses, engaging students in experiential learning opportunities, and working to help international students transition successfully to UBC.

    Catherine Rawn, Christina Hendricks, Sunaina Assanand, Allen Sens, and Joanne Fox will present diverse examples of student-centered educational leadership initiatives.

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