2010 Olympic medals unveiled

VANOC unveiled the gold, silver and bronze medals for both the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Conceptually they’re the same design, delivered differently for each.


Corrine Hunt created two canvases upon which to build the design for the medals. Each canvas is a larger-scale modern interpretation of a West coast Aboriginal motif. Rather than having this canvas on every medal, each medal is pressed from a portion of the canvas. That means every medal will be distinct, even when comparing gold against gold. Here are the canvases:

Think of a sheet of dough and a cookie cutter. I think it’s brilliant!


Next the design team wanted to integrate required elements the required elements (Olympic rings, emblem of the Games, the official name of each Games in both English and French) in different wants. They’re all slightly offset when compared to most other medals. They wanted to integrate the topography of coastal British Columbia and its hilly and mountainous terrain.

Anyway, without further adieu…

Olympic medals:                                             Paralympic medals:

olympic medals for 2010 winter games vancouver canada

If you’ve not yet guessed, I love them! Thoughts?

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