Emma Metcalfe Hurst

Collecting the Collector & Processing the Process: A Two-Part Exhibition of the bpNichol Fonds

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Co-curated by Emma Metcalfe Hurst and Donald Shipton, Collecting the Collector & Processing the Process is a student-curated exhibition that explores avant-garde Canadian poet bp Nichol’s practice as both a collector and creator. On the third floor of SFU’s W.A.C. Bennett Library, materials from Nichol’s various collections are on display. This includes a selection of his robots, a menagerie of “H”‘s, selections from his Dick Tracy comics collection, alongside his other playful projects found in the archives. On display on the seventh floor, at the entrance to SFU’s Rare Books…read more


Weekly Assignments (x 9)

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My weekly assignments for LIBR 509: Foundations of Resource Description and Knowledge Organization: Week 1 – Facets Classification System Week 2 – Thesaurus – Create Week 3 – Content Schema – Create Week 4 – Classification – Analyze Week 5 – Controlled Vocabulary – Analyze Week 6 – Content Standard – Analyze Week 7 – Data Format – Analyze Week 8 – Systems Integration – Analyze Week 9 – Systems Integration – Create Original submissions were revised based on peer feedback.


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