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Scholarpress Courseware

One of my goals this summer was to start developing templates, plugins for wordpress, that would eventually enable wordpress to be used to as courseware. I am glad to find that I am not the only one (outside of UBC) to be working and thinking about this option. Both Jeremy Boggs and Dave Lester have started working on something very similar.

The project is called Scholarpress Courseware and it looks very promising.

Courseware enables you to manage a class with a WordPress blog, including a schedule, bibliography, assignments, and other course information.

My plan for the upcoming week or so is to extend the plugin, to include the following.
Lecture Notes, Syllabus, Resources, Readings, Simple Calander, Schedule, Projects Etc.

This is just the beginning…


2 thoughts on “Scholarpress Courseware

  1. Brian Lamb says:

    This is exciting! It would be awesome if some sort of threaded discussion could be part of the package (SimpleForums?)…

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