Peer Review of Meera Patel’s LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin Profile Peer Review

Name of Reviewer: Zachary Goldman

Author’s Name: Meera Patel

Date: June 14th, 2020

URL for Meera Patel’s LinkedIn Profile:

Hello Meera, thank you for a well thought out LinkedIn profile. Below are some comments regarding areas which can be improved.

Initial Impressions

Quality of Profile Photo

The photo is unobstructed, appropriate and professional for LinkedIn.

Profile Summary

The summary concisely established your identity and motivations for pursuing a degree in Economics. The added note at the end about looking for Summer 2021 Co-Op opportunities adds a good segue into communicating with potential employers.


The profile is well organized and successfully displays all necessary information in an appropriate manner.


Relevant Categories

Each category included in the profile is relevant and appropriate for a successful LinkedIn profile. Consider tailoring the courses under the accomplishments section a bit further in order to fit into a specific role.

Is there enough/too much detail?

There is an appropriate amount of detail which does not go overboard. See the above consideration regarding the inclusion of courses under accomplishments. Consider adding some details under experiences which you would like to highlight to employers.

How can the individual alter the content on their profile to have more impact on the intended audience?

Highlighting some work experiences by adding a few details about the position(s) would certainly make more of an impact.


Are there grammatical errors?

There are no grammatical errors.

Is the tone appropriate for the intended audience?

Yes, the tone is professional and appropriate.

Overall Conclusions

What is the most effective element of the LinkedIn Profile?

The most effective element of the profile is the organization and summary. The summary concisely explains your motivations and experience while the organization of the profile makes it easy to access and go through.

What element of the profile can be most improved? Or if not, what additional elements can be added to the profile for its improvement?

The element which needs the most work is adding some details to one or two of the experiences. Adding a few details will segue nicely into the other sections already present on the profile and make it that much stronger

Additional Comments

Overall I have very few criticisms of your LinkedIn Profile, well done.

Meera Patel’s LinkedIn Profile

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