Peer Review of Mathew De Rose’s “Memorandum to Evan Crisp”


To: Matthew De Rose, ENGL 301 student

From: Zachary Goldman, ENGL 301 Student

Date: July 26th, 2020

Subject: Peer Review of “Memorandum to Evan Crisp”


Thank you for the helpful memorandum to Evan Crisp. This review was well organized and contained good information for someone struggling to communicate with professors effectively. The comments below are provided to address some organizational issues, but otherwise the memo was clear and effective. Thank you.



  • Creating categories for recommendations can help readers find specific areas where they can improve their writing. Points such as “thanking a professor for their assistance…” and “respecting the professor’s time by keeping emails brief” could be listed under a overarching heading.
  • Using bold font will help the reader find important points quickly and will make the email easier to read.
  • Signing off with a salutation and signature is a good habit to maintain in all communications with both writing team colleagues and professors.


  • The writing in the review is effective and notably does not use any imperative verbs. Good job.
  • The use of 2nd person pronouns such as “you, he/she/they*” is best avoided. Please see this post on the Instructor’s Blog for further details.

Thank you for a well thought out and effective review of Evan Crisp’s email. If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at


Be well,

Zachary Goldman, ENGL 301 student

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