Letter of Complaint

To: Mountain Equipment Coop

From: Zachary Goldman

Date: July 29th, 2020

Subject: Letter of Complaint


Dear Mountain Equipment Coop

I recently visited your store on 2nd Ave and Main to pick up an online order I had made the week prior. I came early as it was on my way to work and was stunned to see that the line to get inside the shop stretched around the block. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, another customer mentioned that the line for online pick ups was on the other side of the building.

Where was the signage that indicated that there were two separate lines?

Furthermore, upon moving to the correct line, a sales representative approached me to take down the details of my order (the people ahead had already been serviced but were waiting for their merchandise). The representative came out shortly after with my order and I was able to leave before the people in front of me, rendering the purpose of the line moot.

What is the purpose of the line if some orders take less time to retrieve than others? Why aren’t there any chairs or seating areas available for people waiting on is otherwise hot sidewalk on a loud street corner?

Even though I am sympathetic to the Covid-19 restrictions, I am disappointed that these restrictions have been enacted so thoughtlessly.




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