Response to Letter of Complaint

To: Zachary Goldman

From: Mountain Equipment Coop

Date: July 29th, 2020

Subject: Responding to letter of complaint


Dear Zachary,


Thank you for reaching out to us here at MEC, we are sorry you had a negative experience shopping with us. As you know, transitioning to implement Covid-19 restrictions that will allow our stores to remain open has been difficult. The purpose of the lines is to efficiently allow shoppers to enter the store in a controlled manner as to maintain social distancing guidelines. Signage is posted to indicate which line is which, however the visibility of this signage is often determined by the length of the line itself.

While the speed of the online order pickup line is determined by our employees’ ability to find the merchandise, we cannot provide seating on the sidewalk as it would violate Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines.

This has been a difficult transition for all of us here at MEC. We will take your considerations into account but please know that our stores can only remain open by adhering to the strict social distancing guidelines set out by the Province.


Thank you,

Zachary Goldman, MEC Customer Service Representative

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