Web Folio – Kathryn Simone

TO: Team MASK, Dr. Erika Paterson
FROM: Kathryn Simone, ENGL 301 Student
DATE: August 17, 2020
SUBJECT: Assignment 4.3 – Web Folio

I have completed the Web Folio component of this course. I have included a link to my Web Folio, for whom the intended audience is future employers, below. My Web Folio includes the following components:

  • Reflection posts from Unit One, Two, and Three
  • A new reflection post on creating the Web Folio
  • A new reflection post on a final self-assessment
  • A page containing a hyperlink to my LinkedIn profile and an invitation to connect with me there
  • A page containing my online, searchable resume
  • A page for my completed application package
  • A page for my best works throughout this course

    Thank you to my team members and to Dr. Paterson for your collaboration throughout the term. If anyone has any questions or additional feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at kathrynsimone95@gmail.com.

Enclosure: Link to Kathryn Simone’s Web Folio

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