VOKRA progress report

To: Erika Paterson

From: Connor Runnalls

Date: November 17, 2019

Subject: Progress Report for Formal Report

My report will be researching and evaluating different cost effective forms of raising awareness for small scale animal charities that operate primarily on volunteer work and donations. Pending approval, the report will be directed towards Tasha Bukovnik, president of the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, with a contingency proposal in place with the Okanagan Humane Society if VOKRA declines to participate in the research.

The purpose of this report is to find new, cost friendly ways of raising awareness for small scale humane societies. As mentioned above, these charities typically run solely on donation, volunteering, and adoption fees when applicable. Therefore, finding cost effective implementations is essential for societies to be able to continue the work that they do, with a fraction of the support that organizations such as the BCSPCA receive.

The importance of such a report is the same as the importance of humane societies themselves. Large government funded animal societies such as the BCSPCA require such a large budget of 30 million plus so they can take action in preventing animal cruelty as it occurs and shelter animals in need. Small scale charities who do not have the authority to act under legal manners resort to aiding animal welfare through adoptions, fostering, and preventing wild/stray animals from continuing to reproduce. In other words, they take a more preemptive approach.

The plan for the research will be as follows:

Observing methods of advertisement implemented by the organization currently

– How are these methods carried out? Are they easy to find? Do they capture attention?

Interviewing members of the board of directors:

– With regards to their implementations of previous methods of awareness-raising
– Possible future methods they have been considering

Conducting a survey:

-A survey (attached below) to be sent out to those who are associated with VOKRA


– Effective methods of raising awareness for charities
What methods have evidence of working that could be implemented?

Primary Data

Online Research
– Survey
– Interview

Secondary Data
– Feedback provided by surveyors
– Interview with personnel

Upon approval from VOKRA, I will be sending the survey ASAP, and ideally, have the interview conducted within the first week – therefore by the 22nd. The draft will ideally be completed by December 3rd to allow for a day of revision. While the final will be completed by the 17th of December for the same purpose of time for revision.


Survey: https://forms.gle/QGwoRSaKZmN9KoUd8

Interview Questions Connor-Runnalls-Interview-VOKRA

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  1. erikapaterson says:

    Hello Connor,

    Thank you for posting this Progress Report and surveys. Please review the lesson instructions and the Instructor’s Blog and compose correct and ethical introductions for your surveys. Once you have edited the surveys, please send me an email with hyperlink to the surveys and I will approve, thank you. Erika

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