Peer-Review for Adrienne Yap-Writing with You-attitude

To: Adrienne Yap, ENG 301 student
From: Brenda Martinez, ENG 301 student
Date: November 24, 2019
Subject: Peer-review, writing with you-attitude

Hi Adrienne,

I have read your recent post, writing with you-attitude to Evan Crisp. This is a peer-review regarding your post. I thought that you offered great points for communicating through email with professors.

Initial Impression: organized introduction, body, and conclusion.

Tone: Friendly, and approachable, I liked that you addressed Evan the way you would another classmate.

Clarity: The examples that you provided were presented with clear language, easy to understand. Great points for corresponding skills with professors.

Organization: The bullet points were perfect for explaining the sequence of the email format. You demonstrated very professional writing and communication skills.

Recommendations: If I may make some suggestions, it would have been good to explain to Evan, what the “you” attitude style of writing is all about. I think this would have added extra emphasis to your recommendations. I also think that he could benefit from some clarification about this topic. Overall, great work on this assignment.

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