Peer Review of Janice Pang’s Application Package Draft- Meagan Rosenberg

To: Janice Pang, Student of ENGL 301
From: Meagan Rosenberg, Peer of ENGL 301
Date: December 10, 2019
Subject: Review of Your Document – “Draft Application Package”
Link to Janice’s Application Package Draft:

Hi Janice, thank you for the opportunity to review your draft application package. Please follow along below to see the minor recommendations suggested to make your document top notch, thank you!
First Impressions: Wow! This document is amazing. Very well done and easy to tell research has been done thoroughly for all aspects.

Job Advertisement: Great job posting that was picked. It is lined up well with your qualifications and skills. Proper citing is noted for citation of job posting. One slight suggestion is to tweak the screenshot of the job post to extend it out so all post is seen (can’t seem to see some of the right-side wording).

Letter of Application: Outstanding job. Very organized and well written. Great job on finding the hiring managers name to address the letter to. Nice to see that the basic and preferred qualifications on the job posting have been addressed with the experience you have with each. The only recommendation to consider would be in the first paragraph when you are introducing yourself as a student nearing graduation, it may be beneficial to say what school you are studying at.

Resume: Great work on this part. Highly organized with proper sub-headings that outline your qualifications and experiences. Well done on descriptions and dates included. It is noted that this document adheres to ‘Technical Communications’ resume checklists. A minor suggestion would be to add your e-mail address to the bottom of page 2 where the footer has your name and page number.

Request for References: Awesome job on picking the appropriate people to reach out to for a reference- well thought out! The length of all letters is efficient with adequate information provided. The tone used is appropriate and professional. It is also noted that you have thanked each reference on how they have helped you grow professionally- very nice touch! A small suggestion to consider would be to address the references by their full name as it is a professional letter.

Concluding Comments:
Your work of putting together the application package is phenomenal. Please see the small list of suggestions to enhance your document:
• Realign the job posting so all of it is seen
• Consider adding in what school you are studying at when introducing yourself in the letter of application
• Consider adding your e-mail to the footer on page 2 of your resume
• Consider addressing references by full name in request for reference letters

Feel free to ponder the recommendations, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at Thanks for a great read, Janice!

Link to Janice’s Application Package Draft:

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