Peer Review of Erfan’s Formal Report Draft

To: Erfan Ahmed

From: Jason Smith

Date: Dec 15th, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Application Package Draft

Hi Erfan,

I have fully reviewed your draft application package.  Firstly, you are a very strong candidate and most definitely a valuable commodity to the logistics and operations industry. Your work experience is notably impeccable and your resume should be enough in order to get an interview for most operation and event planning positions. Your cover letter does a great job at describing your previous work experience, however there are a few improvements I suggest below.

Resume (Outline)

I like the structure of your resume, it is very organized and in a format where I am able to easily notice all your highlights. I like that you are including your education at the top, this works very well for new grad positions because it allows recruiters to easily determine your graduation date. Your bullet points get straight to the point, and your categories are well organized. I don’t have any suggestions in terms of the structure

Resume  (Content)

Your resume is filled with great experience, I can easily tell that you are a well qualified candidate as you’ve worked multiple positions with various responsibilities which make you a valuable asset for an operations position. I don’t really have much feedback here.

Cover Letter

I think that your cover letter does a great job at illustrating a high level idea of your experience, however I do think you could get into a little more lower level details to describe how your previous jobs match the current requirements of the job you are applying for. I would suggest going into depth about how your past experiences made you more “responsible” and “detail oriented”. One of the requirements of the position suggest you have previous experience in quality assurance. You could possibly give some quantitative measurements of the impact you brought to your company at Change Healthcare.

Reference Requests 

All 3 reference requests are included in your application package, nice work. You seem to have left a great mark at your previous companies, and the tone you give sounds appropriate given the relationship you had with your managers. Your tone is professional and gets straight to the point of what you want.


Overall, your application package illustrates that you are a very strong candidate. I think given your experience you have a very good shot at scoring interviews at Whistler Blackcomb. I hope that the suggestions I have outlined for you help craft a stronger application package.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other additional questions, you can reach me at

Good Luck!


Best Regards,

Jason Smith

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