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3:7 – Hyperlinking The Four Old Indians in GGRW

Write a blog that hyper-links your research on the characters in GGRW according to the pages assigned to you. Be sure to make use of Jane Flick’s reference guide on your reading list. As a preface to this blog post, I will say that Green Grass Running Water was not an easy read for me. In researching about the […]

3:5 – Creation Stories and Ethos

Question 3 What are the major differences or similarities between the ethos of the creation story or stories you are familiar with and the story King tells in The Truth About Stories ? Growing up, I wasn’t knowledgeable about any one creation story in particular; perhaps I can partly attribute this to not being raised religiously, […]

3:2 – Dehumanization in The Indian Act of 1876

Question 2 In this lesson I say that it should be clear that the discourse on nationalism is also about ethnicity and ideologies of “race.” If you trace the historical overview of nationalism in Canada in the CanLit guide, you will find many examples of state legislation and policies that excluded and discriminated against certain […]

2:6 – Western and Indigenous Assessments of “Authenticity”

5] “To raise the question of ‘authenticity’ is to challenge not only the narrative but also the ‘truth’ behind Salish ways of knowing “(Carlson 59). Explain why this is so according to Carlson, and explain why it is important to recognize this point. In Keith Carlson’s Orality about Literacy: The ‘Black and White’ of Salish History, he […]

2:3 – Commonalities in Conceptions of “Home”

Read at least 3 students blog short stories about ‘home’ and make a list of the common shared assumptions, values and stories that you find. Post this list on your blog with some commentary about what you discovered. After reading through my fellow classmates’ stories about home this week, I noticed a few commonalities; in particular, […]

2:2 – Stories About “Home”

Write a short story (600 – 1000 words max) that describes your sense of home and the values and stories that you use to connect yourself to your home and respond to all comments on your blog. Initial Thoughts Last semester in English 222, I read Defining Place, an article written by human geographer Tim Cresswell. In attempting to answer […]

1:5 – How Evil Came to Be

At the end of this lesson you will find detailed instructions for this assignment. Your task is to take the story that Kings tells about how evil comes into the world at the witches conference [In “The Truth About Stories” ] — and change the story any way you want — as long as the […]

1:3 – Ethics in Storytelling

Question 7 At the beginning of this lesson I pointed to the idea that technological advances in communication tools have been part of the impetus to rethink the divisive and hierarchical categorizing of literature and orality, and suggested that this is happening for a number of reasons.  I’d like you to consider two aspects of […]

1:1 – An Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Victoria and I am currently in the midst of completing my third year at UBC while studying English literature. I was born and raised in the city of Surrey— a place many of you are surely familiar with, though probably for its high crime rate rather than for its vibrant multiculturalism. […]

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