7.2 Your Turn: Developing your MVP


Now that you have reached the The Minimal Viable Product phase of customer discovery, it is about validating your solution, not the problem.

MVP1: is the lowest fidelity prototype that can allow potential customers to give you feedback on your proposed solution.

Your task is to sketch out your MVP, Version 1.

  • If your product is a website or app – you can build a basic paper prototype in 15 minutes!
  • If a service – develop a visual story leveraging your “Day in the Life”


MVP isn’t about the perfect product. It’s about the important things you discover when you get people using it.

How does MVP fit with other LLP tools?

  • “Day in the life” of your customer helps you understand your customer’s problem. Your MVP is the minimum necessary to solve it.
  • White space grid shows how your MVP is differentiated from the alternatives.
  • MVP1 makes what you are doing tangible in customer discovery interviews.




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