8.4 Your Turn: Pricing Considerations


The challenge for this activity is to develop some pricing hypotheses.

To do this, you’ll need to take into account the following considerations:

  • What are the comparables? (eg. competitors, substitutes and alternatives)
  • What are the norms? (eg. what a customer expects to pay)
  • What is the customer’s willingness to pay?
  • What revenue streams are possible?
  • What are the costs to produce the product?
  • What are the costs to acquire a customer?

You will not have all the answers to these questions at this point.
There are a number of variables to consider, many of which are subjective and strategic.
The objective here is to come up with a hypothesis that you can then test.


For more information on considerations around pricing, here is a 4-part pricing video series from Paul to help you get up to speed on this challenging topic:

Part 1: Pricing Sensitivity
Part 2: Skimming and Penetration Approaches
Part 3: Tiered, Dynamic and Pricing Discrimination
Part 4: Strategies for Effective Pricing Changes. 



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