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UBC is an enormous university. It’s home to a colourful mosaic of cultures, beliefs, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages and appearances. However it is a sad reality that within this rich environment prejudice exists.

Acts of discrimination on campus are not always intentional. Often they are due to an innocent lack of understanding, by someone not thinking about how the words they say will affect others, or by people not speaking up when they should.

When someone refers to something negative as “gay”, or when someone makes a sexist joke, they are being discriminatory. It might not seem like a big deal, but these actions can hurt. It can make others feel excluded, and affect their ability to take part in all that UBC offers. It will affect you too, as you miss out on the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of individual experiences.

As an Equity Ambassador, I dream of an inclusive campus where all students feel welcome. For this reason, I am signing the diversity pledge.

By doing so, I have committed to taking steps towards learning about others, thinking about my words and speaking out when I witness discrimination.

I hope you can join me.


Sign the pledge and share it with your friends.

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