Does the Blog Look a Little Funny? *UPDATE*

Okay, a bit of tweaking, a lot of swearing, a moment or two of panic (I thought I’d lost the whole damn thing at one point) but I think it’s coming along not too bad. More is to come, when I find the time. And apologies to my fellow workers who have had to listen to me go on and on about the blog. But it IS kinda cool to play around -I mean WORK- with.


YES it does. On the upside, we got some great feedback about our little blog (big thank you to the Barbaras) both in person and via email while I was at the ACRL Conference in Seattle this past weekend. On the downside, well, the move to a new platform has altered how some text looks. I will be fixing, re-tagging and learning this new platform over the next little while, so please be patient. And, as always, stay tuned.

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