Main mallFive representatives from Enrolment Services will be presenting workshops at the 2015 Advising Conference at UBC Vancouver on Wednesday, February 18, 2015.

Cheryl Tyler and Rebecca Pouliot will be presenting a workshop called “Money Matters – Holistic Advising with Student Finances in Mind”. Kate Ross and Kristen Harvey will be facilitating a workshop about “Student Success and Retention Strategies”, and Darran Fernandez will present a “UBC 101” session.

Thanks also to Camille Johnson for volunteering as a member of the 2015 Advising Conference Planning Committee.

Registration is free, and open until Tuesday, February 10, 2014.
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Section B: 1:30pm–2:30pm

B3: Money Matters – Holistic Advising with Student Finances in Mind

Cheryl Tyler, Enrolment Services Professional, Enrolment Services
Rebecca Pouliot, Enrolment Services Professional, Enrolment Services

During the 2013W session, more than 13,000 UBC students paid for their education through government student loans and 3,300 of these received bursary funding. This session will review the ways in which you can provide holistic advising by considering the financial factors that impact a student’s academic success and personal well being. In this session, we will review how a student’s finances are closely tied to common advising situations. We will discuss the impacts of reduced course loads, late withdrawals, financial holds, taking time away from studies, grade fluctuations, and how students can maintain award and loan eligibility while on campus,  on exchange and on co-op. Learn about financial factors to consider, simple strategies for identifying financial wellness issues and how to make an effective referral to an ESP. Become a more empowered advisor by gaining a new perspective on the student experience.


Section C: 2:40pm–3:40pm

C6: Student Success & Retention Strategies

Dr. Kate Ross, Associate Vice-President Enrolment Services and Registrar, Enrolment Services
Kristen Harvey, Associate Director – Strategic Aboriginal Enrolment Initiatives, Enrolment Services

Join colleagues from across campus in a discussion around improving our practice to support student retention, persistence, and success. In this session, we will discuss research and conceptual frameworks to help us envision an approach beyond “one size fits all” and examine the life cycle of a student’s post-secondary experience, from recruitment to graduation. Using the college choice model (Hossler and Gallagher), persistence theory (Terenzini and Reason), and the situated context framework (Perna), we will reflect on how these models/frameworks holistically inform our practice. Come prepared to share ideas and engage in conversation about working with different student populations to support student success.

C7: UBC 101

Darran Fernandez, Associate Registrar & Director of Student Support & Advising, Enrolment Services and Member, UBC Board of Governors

Newer (and sometimes more seasoned staff) at UBC don’t always have the opportunity to become aware of and consider the importance of the bigger picture at UBC. A university campus is a unique environment to work within – how much do you know about how things work? In this session, you will have an opportunity to learn about ‘how the university works’. You will gain answers to the following questions and more: What is the Board of Governors? What is Senate? How do they work together to make decisions that affect how the university functions? What is Place & Promise and why does it matter to me? What is the role of the university executive? Who are they? What are their portfolios? How does all of this relate to me as a staff member at UBC?