In the category of Enhancing the UBC Experience, our team exceeded the six categories that are outlined below.

    1. Provide a high level of customer service over and above their job description
    2. Maintained a consistently high quality of service to their clients with particular commitment to inclusive practices
    3. Created innovative and inclusive programs and opportunities for clients
    4. Anticipated clients’ needs and potential problems, with an ability to pay attention to diversity and difference among clients
    5. Improved the value, inclusivity, efficiency and sustainability of the services they provide
    6. Served as a role model through positive, respectful and inclusive interactions

Our group attended an online Zoom reception hosted by President Santa Ono and each received a framed certificate of achievement along with a signed letter and a small gift (chocolates and a book).

The recognition by the President’s Office for the work performed by our team was very much appreciated, and couldn’t have been done without the support from everyone at Enrolment Services. Thank you to our friends in Strategic Indigenous Enrolment Initiatives, Senate & Curriculum Services, Student Financial Management, Scheduling, Records & Systems Management, Undergraduate Admissions, Student Recruitment & Advising, Student Communication Services, HR Learning & Engagement and all our colleagues at Enrolment Services in the Okanagan.