A Big Win for the UBC United Way Campaign

Congratulations Enrolment Services! Your support for the Okanagan and Vancouver United Way Campaigns helped us achieve a record breaking year!

Not only did we reach our UBC goal of 1000 donors, but we have now exceeded that goal with over 1025 donors across the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses. The Campaign also exceeded the 2020 fundraising goal, and the current tally sits at over $567 000.

In regards to fundraising for the Vancouver Campaign, a big thank you goes out to the Brock Hall campaign committee consisting of:

  • Paola Baca (UBC Leadership Campaign Co-chair)
  • Maria Beck Buttedahl (Campaign Champion ISI)
  • Winnie Ng (Campaign Champion, ES)
  • Coby Thurmeier (Campaign Champion, ES)
  • Ashley Elchuk
  • Kim Goodison
  • Cicy Guimond
  • Debbie Lin
  • Judy McGuigan
  • Julia Shen

Thanks also to those who graciously hosted lunch hour activities for donors:

  • Verina Zhang
  • Ashley Elchuk
  • Cicy Guimond
  • Narcena Wong

It’s not too late to donate

You can still donate the 2020 UBC United Way Campaign by credit card on ePledge until March 31. Donations received April 1st and after will count towards Campaign 2021. 

Okanagan donations:


Vancouver staff donations:


Your donation is a gift that impacts the community in many ways. Thank you for your support!

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