Destination UBC planning underway

Stephanie and the other Destination UBC student coordinators.

Destination UBC was UBC’s highest profile recruitment event last year, drawing 450 newly admitted students to UBC’s Vancouver campus and 228 to UBC’s Okanagan campus from almost every province and territory across Canada via a travel reimbursement program. This weekend-long event provided out-of-area students with opportunities to make friends, meet their professors, plan their programs, and get a feel for life on campus by staying in first-year residence.

Nearly 2200 local students and parents in Vancouver, and 350 in Kelowna, joined visiting students for a comprehensive Saturday program. All guests participated in an opening presentation, faculty sessions, and a variety of breakout sessions and campus tours.

Check out the video from last year’s event online!

This year, Destination UBC will run from May 8-10 at UBC’s Okanagan campus and May 22-24 on UBC’s Vancouver campus. Check out the updated travel reimbursement details online. Registration for travel will open on February 17, and registration for Saturday sessions (for local students) will open on March 15.

As you can imagine, this program takes two campuses worth of faculty, staff and current students to plan and execute – and SRA is looking forward to working with many of our colleagues in ES over the coming months to ensure that this year’s event is as successful as last year. Keep your eyes out for emails from your friendly SRA colleagues about how to be involved – and feel free to ask any of us if you have questions about the events!

Staff spotlight: Savannah Hallworth


Who: Savannah Hallworth

Unit: Student Recruitment and Advising

Since: September 2014

Job Specifics: As the Student Support Representative at UBC’s Okanagan campus, Savannah is the face and voice of UBC to prospective students and families.  Located in the Welcome Centre, Savannah welcomes students to UBC, responds to the influx of student emails and phone calls, and supports recruitment activities from the heart of The Tube.

Professional: Savannah graduated in June 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from UBC’s Okanagan campus. During the course of her undergrad, she was overwhelmingly involved on campus, taking advantage of diverse leadership opportunities including her roles as Residence Advisor, Get Involved Program Lead, and co-founder (and executive!) of a social justice club.  Continue reading “Staff spotlight: Savannah Hallworth”

UBC’s Okanagan campus hosts CSLC

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.59.37 AM


#1 topic trending on Twitter

10 provinces, 3 territories

950 high school students

97 UBC student volunteers

3 admissions staff volunteers

23 faculty breakout sessions

40 campus tours

137.5 decibels in “UBC-WHAT?  UBC-O” cheers

1175 UBC branded backpacks, sunglasses and #ubc pins

This week, Student Recruitment and Advising at UBC’s Okanagan campus supported School District #23 in hosting the 30th annual Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC).  Themed, “Destination: Leadership,” CSLC welcomed high school students from across Canada to Kelowna for a full week of leadership activities. Continue reading “UBC’s Okanagan campus hosts CSLC”

Staff spotlight: Leanne Isaak

Leanne 3

Who: Leanne Isaak
Unit: Student Recruitment and Advising
Position: Associate Director
Since: July 2014 (in her new position)
Job specifics: Leanne is excited to work within the broader ES culture of people who love what they do and are passionate about PSE and serving students (that’s you!).  Her particular focus is to build a cohesive national recruitment and advising strategy implemented by a fully integrated team located on UBC’s two campuses. This strategy is designed and implemented in collaboration with all our ES colleagues on both campuses (again: you!).

Professional: Her marriage to an academic means that Leanne’s professional background has been diverse and flexible.  Her secret talent is music: she taught piano for ten plus years, to students from ages 4 to 88.  She has also been part of SFU, Waterloo, Stanford and UCLA in various capacities, from a research assistant to a program coordinator for the Centre for Comparative Studies in Race, Ethnicity and Culture at Stanford.  Continue reading “Staff spotlight: Leanne Isaak”