Soup, Soup and More Soup!

A few weeks ago, a small group of the ESPs got together and formed a soup exchange.  What is a soup exchange you ask? Well the idea is that each member of the group (there are 7 of us in total) make enough soup to give each member of the group 1 litre of their homemade soup.

If you are doing the math right now, you are right- that is 7 litres of soup: one for each member of the group.

That’s a whole lotta soup. Photo by Darran Fernandez.

Making 7 litres of soup is no small feat. I had to borrow a second soup pot and found myself elbows deep in shallots. Continue reading “Soup, Soup and More Soup!”

A Monthly Dose of Health, in your Inbox

Photo by Alice Henneman (

Interested in living a healthier lifestyle? Ever wondered about fitness classes on-campus? Need an ergonomic tuneup for your workstation?

The Healthy UBC Newsletter is a monthly email newsletter produced by UBC HR to “encourag[e] health and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.”

The newsletter is a great way for all of us in ES to:

  • Keep our health and wellness top of mind
  • Help develop and maintain a health-conscious community
  • Learn about on-campus health and wellness resources, events and initiatives

7 key reasons to subscribe to the Healthy UBC Newsletter: Continue reading “A Monthly Dose of Health, in your Inbox”

In the Spotlight: Kate Chandler

Who: Kate Chandler
Unit: Centre for Organizational Excellence on the Vancouver Campus
Position: Content Management Specialist
Since: January 2014
Job Specifics: Kate will be applying what she’s learned as a SLAIS student to look at the way information is stored and shared within Enrolment Services. She’ll then be able to recommend a strategy that helps us make our process more efficient, effective, and secure!

Kate grew up in a semi-rural area near Victoria B.C., then moved to UBC for an undergraduate degree in philosophy.  She’s now studying Library, Archival and Information Science at UBC. In her position, she’s figuring out how information flows in an organization and how she might facilitate that flow – and is really enjoying it! She says that it combines her love of design, people and information.

Kate likes designing and building woodworking projects! One of her first projects was a small bike shed which is still standing at her parents’ place. She says her father hides it with a piece of plywood when guests come over.

Positive Space Campaign’s Open House

Be sure to visit the UBC Vancouver Positive Space Open House, coming up January 27th! Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a recording to “artistically capture the importance of UBC’s Positive Space Campaign.”

For more information on Positive Space’s workshops or to find a resource person in your unit, visit their website.