Celebrate Indigenous History Month, National Indigenous Peoples Day, & Summer Solstice!

Posted on behalf of Janelle Kasperski

You can learn by attending talks and events, watching Indigenous made documentaries and films, and/or reading from the many resources published in our thriving Indigenous literary community.  Here are a few ways you can participate and learn this month:

UBC Office of Indigenous Education, National Indigenous Peoples Day Events: https://indigenous.educ.ubc.ca/news-and-events/

Vancouver is Awesome News Article: How to celebrate National Indigenous History Month on the North Shore and beyond

Learn about the lands you live, work and play on:

 Support Indigenous Owned Businesses!

*More listings of Indigenous owned businesses are here at https://shopfirstnations.com/

Share others you know of in the comment section!!

Listen to Indigenous Artists/Musicians!

Indigenous spotify playlist

This is a great playlist that has so many different genres of music.  Whether you’re interested in folk, country, alternative, rap, traditional – it’s all in there!  Like and subscribe when you find artists you enjoy!

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