While every day is always an opportunity to expand our knowledge and seek learning opportunities, this month is a great time to focus on learning about Black History within UBC, BC, Canada and the world.

According to Dr. Handel Kashope Wright, “the general level of awareness of Black history in BC is really low.” A cultural studies scholar here at UBC, Dr. Wright is the co-editor of the forthcoming book, Black British Columbia: Past and Present, and is the senior advisor to the President on anti-racism and inclusive excellence. Hear more from Dr. Wright in his op-ed written for the Georgia Straight last year.

To read more on these topics, check out the following articles and blog posts:

If you prefer more “live” learning, there are some really interesting opportunities coming up – you can check out the fulsome list here: https://events.ubc.ca/black-history-month/


February 5 – “History of anti-Black Racism in Canadian Schools and Universities” with Dr. June Francis

February 12 – Sankofa Film Festival: Films from the Diaspora

February 16 – An Evening with Dr. Cornel West

Or for even more ongoing learning, check out opportunities to upgrade your diversity and inclusion competency through UBC Extended Learning – https://extendedlearning.ubc.ca/study-topic/equity-inclusion