We know that with our current hybrid work arrangements, it can sometimes be a little bit harder to stay current with what’s happening across our department. As we continue to figure out our new ways of working, make sure you’re familiar with the key places for updates and information about Enrolment Services.

Microsoft Teams

Important and interesting updates are regularly shared in our Enrolment Services Teams space. The member list is updated regularly to ensure we all have access, but if you find yours or your staff’s missing just email Manpreet Virdi to be added.

You can ensure you never miss out on important updates by updating your channel notifications to view all activity:

Also ensure you update your Teams Status regularly to let your colleagues know if you are on campus or working remotely!

Enrolment Services Learning Centre

Make sure you check out our custom ES Canvas Course for important information for ES staff on a variety of topics including:

  • Performance Development Conversations approach
  • ES Remote Work approach
  • Workday FAQs for all staff and important forms for Managers
  • ES Orientation committee

If you are already enrolled, you can find the course in your Canvas Dashboard or via this link: https://canvas.ubc.ca/courses/26454

If you don’t have access via the above link, then make sure you enroll in the course via this link first: https://canvas.ubc.ca/enroll/GFKJD8


Other important information is sometimes hosted on the ES Confluence site, which can be viewed here: https://confluence.it.ubc.ca/display/ESCFOEC

(If you cannot access the above site, please email Manpreet Virdi to be provisioned access)

Please ensure your current hybrid work schedule is reflected on our Office Attendance Tracking sheet to help us find each other while we continue our hybrid remote work arrangements.