Minutes of the 194th morning meeting of the Glade Menagerie

(posted on behalf of Jo-anna Cowen)

July 12, 2020: Glade BC, non-Zoom



  • Angel  – dog – blue heeler/aussie shepherd/border collie cross;
  • Tiger – cat – domestic shorthair;
  • Ame –  horse – Egyptian Arab; Pyper – horse – mixed breed warmblood;
  • Jo-anna


  1. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda adopted by general consent

  1. Minutes of previous meeting


  1. 5:37 am Motion by Angel to be let outside and for breakfast

Tabled to a more reasonable hour

  1. 6:30 am previous motion recalled

Seconded by Tiger


  1. 6:45 am Motion by Pyper for breakfast – hay, alfalfa, beet pulp and supplements

Seconded by Ame


  1. 8:00 am Motion by Angel for belly rubs then walk to waterfall followed by treats treasure hunt

Seconded by Jo-anna


  1. 10:15 am Motion by Ame to open gate to lower pasture

Seconded by Pyper


  1. 11:40 am Motion by Jo-anna to adopt senior yellow lab, Ellie, from Cranbrook SPCA

Seconded by Angel


Implementation – Jo-anna to pick up Ellie July 14th in Cranbrook – COMPLETED

  1. Other business

Deferred consideration of censure for Pyper for kicking


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