Campus Trails Map

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Okanagan campus, it features a variety of settings and state-of-the-art facilities that offer a perfect lunch-time escape. There are also some wonderful activities, groups, and events that many of us in ES Okanagan enjoy participating in.  See the list of our favourites

below, and the reasons we keep going back:

Where: Campus Trails

Why: Experience the beauty of our rural campus, re-energize, catch up with colleagues, commune with nature, savour a moment of peace and solitude during a busy day.

Where: UBC Library

Why: You can browse the books forever!

What: University Choir

Why: Find your voice while connecting with others who love music.

What: Anime Club

Why: Meet others who appreciate this much-loved genre.

Where: The Commons

Why: The Comma has the best lemon lavender donuts, excellent gluten-free baked goods, and tasty market bowls, while the building itself offers some of the best views on campus.

Where: Hangar

Why: Join a group fitness class to work off some steam or enjoy some shavasana in a yoga class to break up your work day.

What: Staff & Faculty Sports Day

Why: Put together a team to compete in this fun-filled event and learn who amongst you is a master rock/paper/scissor champion and who can spike a volleyball while sitting on the floor!

Where: International Programs & Services

Why: IPS offers such a welcoming space where there are often events happening for all to enjoy, and everyone at the office is so friendly!

Where: Aboriginal Centre

Why: Aboriginal Programs & Services (APS) hosts a weekly luncheon in the Aboriginal Centre where you can connect with students, staff, and elders.

What: UBCO Gardening Club

Why: If you’re a green thumb, this is a great way to connect with nature and other people who have similar interests.