New information security & awareness training

Meet Amy in the new Information Security Awareness workshop!
Meet Amy in the new Information Security Awareness workshop!

Pop quiz: what would you do if you accidentally sent a student’s personal information to the wrong person? If you don’t know already, you’ll find out soon.

Information Security and Awareness training has a new look and a new mission!

Liana (Business & IT Alignment) has developed a plan to spread awareness, and it recently kicked off with the selection of representatives from each unit in ES. Using an interactive workshop developed by Mandy (Learning & Development) and Nina (SIS Security), this team will host sessions for their own units and act as an ongoing resource.

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Access UBC funds for learning opportunities

There are multiple sources of funding available for you to access if you want to learn something new, upgrade a skill or take part in a professional development activity.

1. Tuition wavers

The Tuition Fee Benefit covers tuition costs to eligible employees, up to a maximum of 12 credits of undergraduate credit courses per year; this benefit can also be transferred to the staff member’s spouse or children.

Waivers also cover the dollar equivalent in tuition for non-credit courses offered by UBC Continuing Studies and UBC Okanagan Continuing Studies. This benefit cannot be transferred to spouses or children.

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Broader Based Admissions reader training is now online

BBA reader training
BBA Reader training will now take place with the help of a newly-designed Connect course

A new way to train BBA readers is on the horizon!

Earlier this summer, Carla (Admissions) approached Coby and Mandy (Learning & Development) to explore the possibility of moving to an online training format, opening the doors for new types of readers. The project has recently extended to include readers on the Okanagan campus, with the help of Application Services Coordinator Sita Guild!

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Keep information on your mobile phone safe

Keep your mobile safeAlmost all of us use mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and USB drives). Many of these devices are used to store personal information, which we have a duty to protect. Personal information is recorded information about an identifiable individual which might include social insurance number (SIN), UBC student number and bank account information.

Do you know how to keep the information on your mobile device safe if it is lost, stolen or hacked?

UBC’s Privacy & Information Security group has provided a list of resources to help you keep your mobile and personal information safe as part of their “Your Mobile. Be Safe.” campaign.