Who: Chris Rambaran
Unit: Student Support & Advising
Position: Enrolment Services Advisor
Since: November 2018

Professional Background
Chris was born in Vancouver and moved to Coquitlam at a young age. As an alumni of care that grew up in a diverse neighborhood of people living on the margins of western society, Chris became fascinated by social issues and systemic problems. His curiosity drew him to further explore social justice at the University of British Columbia where he completed a degree in social work focused on child welfare and Indigenous social issues.

Over the years, Chris has volunteered as an equity liaison for his grad class and as an outreach worker in various capacities, such as working with youth in care for the Indigenous landed Learning project at the UBC farm. After graduating from UBC, Chris kicked off his career as a social worker for the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development in child protection and in guardianship for youth in care. In the pursuit of co-creating affordable housing solutions, Chris co-founded Empty Nests Vancouver, a platform designed to foster intergenerational shared housing.  Chris’ most recent venture was as a staff member of the Provincial Youth Advisory Council for Child Welfare.

Chris is excited to be coming full circle and returning to UBC as an Enrolment Services Advisor for alumni of care.

My favorite thing on the planet is the ocean. I enjoy diving, surfing, gardening and most things that are outdoors or at sea. For self-care, I like boxing and Muay Thai. I have two adopted foster cats and a partner who is an aspiring bee biologist. In my spare time, I enjoy the rush of a social or environmental justice rally. Otherwise, I like to get my keen on and attend conferences or workshops on anything from social and environmental policy, to ecology and permaculture.