Posted on behalf of Erin Shannon

Name: Jennifer Kerr
Position: Manager, Student Services, Okanagan campus
Years with UBC: 3 (ish)

If a theme song played when you entered the office, what would it be?
SuperFreak – by Rick James

What is your dream job (other than your current job of course)?
Backup Dancer for J-LO. Actually, FEATURE Backup Dancer for J-LO. And we would be best friends.

If you could give a shout out to a colleague on either campus who would it be and what would the shout out be?
MARIA MANNELLA! She is my Yoda.

What animal would be the most terrifying if it could speak and why?
My son’s goldfish. I bought it a huge super cool round tank and just learned that is the worst tank for fish. Apparently, every object is distorted and terrifying. I’m pretty sure the fish has about 2 years of worth of shade to throw.

Is there anything you get wrong almost every time you do it?
Putting my appointments into outlook. I. Never. Get. The. Right. Date…Ever.