Student Financial Management Overview

Posted on behalf of Student Financial Management

Student Financial Management (SFM) is responsible for the financial management of all aspects of the student related finances.  Within SFM, there are three main portfolio, which are managed by Cicy Guimond, Maria Mannella, and Jeff Hsiao.

For Cicy’s portfolio, it includes budget and forecasting for Enrolment Services, tuition and student fee assessments on both campuses, and tuition allocation in Vancouver. Her team also handles accounts payable and HR processing for Enrolment Services, International Student Initiative, and Go Global.

For Maria’s portfolio, it includes wide aspects of student tuition fee maintenance and tuition related payments, including:

  • all tuition payment processing and collection UPass administration
  • IMED administration
  • T4As
  • Tuition refunds
  • Financial Holds
  • Fund transfers from tuition to other departments (ie. Housing)
  • Fee deferral for Graduate Students employed as Teaching or Research Assistants
  • Manual fee adjustments for Grad students on Co-op terms, full-time reduced workload, MEng Special Continuing, appeals
  • NSF Payments

For Jeff’s portfolio, it includes managing the full administration cycle of both Canadian and US student loans and UBC Bursary assessment for both campuses, and of Undergraduate scholarship and award program budgets and  for Vancouver.  The team ensures that the university fulfills its responsibilities as a designated institution in the Canada Student Loans and in the US Federal Direct Loan programs, and the stewardship and compliance of financial support per UBC policies and/or processes.

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