Student Financial Management: Team Huddle

Posted on behalf of Cicy Guimond

Student Financial Management (SFM) is responsible for management of student related finances. Reporting to Teresa Tsang, there are three main portfolios.

  1. Jeff Hsiao’s portfolio oversees Canadian and US student loans, UBC Bursary assessment for both campuses, and Undergraduate scholarship and award program budgets for Vancouver.
  2. Cicy Guimond’s portfolio includes budget and forecasting for Enrolment Services, tuition and student fee assessments on both campuses, and tuition allocation in Vancouver.
  3. Maria Mannella’s portfolio contains all tuition payment and refund processing, financial holds, iMED administration, T4As, and more.

Despite covering a wide range of activities, the whole team gathers for team huddles once a month to share updates on projects, news that affects the team, and little team bonding activities. Here is a group photo from one of our recent huddles:

We also shared some of our favourite superheroes!

Team Member  Favourite Superhero  Why? 
 Amy Loo  Captain America  Avengers Assemble! 
 Cheryl Ye  Doraemon  He has a Time Machine for time travel and an Anywhere Door to go anywhere he wants. 
 Cicy Guimond  Jessica Jones  She doesn’t let her problems define her. 
 Crystal Xu  Doctor Strange  Teleportation and access to different dimensions. 
 Jeff Hsiao  Deadpool  Love his humor, sarcasm, and not a typical superhero. 
 Jenny Lee-Walker  Thor  He is arrogant and has a powerful hammer! 
 Julia Shen  Batman  I like his advanced tools. 
 Joanne Lai  Spiderman  I get to hide behind a mask. 
 Mantavya Kaushik  Iron Man  He is so cool.  
 Maria Mannella  Wonder Woman  Smart and powerful. 
 May-Lee Chow  Batman  Handsome, billionaire, saves Gotham. Oh, did I say handsome? 
 Nadia Gonzaga  Iron Man  Super charismatic and a great leader. 
 Rachel Chong  Superman  He was the first superhero that I knew when I was a kid. 

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